AOSP Nougat Huawei P8 Lite 2017 All HI6250 Variants

AOSP Nougat it is the pure Android released by Google for its Nexus/Pixel devices. Now you can and flash on your Kirin65x Emui 5 based, so what are you waiting for.

AOSP Nougat All HI6250 Variants


  • Emui 5.
  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • TWRP Recovery.


  • Click here to download the unique fully worked build and fixed kernel for Magisk.


  • Goes to Meticulus for his works on P9 Lite.

Installation Guide:

  • Remove ASSERT from updater-script file stored in META-INF folder then save.
  • Wipe: cache, data, dalvik and system.
  • Switch data partition to ext4 in case stuck at animation boot.
  • Please do not touch other partitions.
  • Flash rom, reboot and enjoy it.

Fix Video Recording:

  • Open Settings -> Extras -> Enable Google Codecs.

Fix SIM on Single SIM devices:

  • Open Settings -> Extras -> Disable 2nd SIM Slot and reboot.

Fix 30 Seconds Calling Crash:

  • Open build.prop:


  • Dual SIM:


  • Reboot.

AOSP Nougat Huawei P8 Lite 2017 All HI6250 Variants