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Enable Slow Motion on Huawei EMUI Camera

Enable Slow Motion on Huawei Camera tutorial. In this guide I’d like to show you how to activate this feature that has been disabled by default. Enable Slow Motion You need Unlocked device at all. TWRP specified for your device that can mount /product partition. Steps Reboot to TWRP. Tab on Mount > check Product.… Read More »

Convert Huawei P8 Lite 2017 to Honor 8 Lite

Convert Huawei P8 Lite 2017 to Honor 8 Lite , in this article I’d like to show you convert to PRA-AL00. Convert Huawei P8 Lite Before you start this procedure, let’s read the list of risks for this; It is possible to get a null IMEI aka 0000000000, but don’t worry it’s fixable. The Second… Read More »

Install EMUI5 Custom ROMs All HI6250 Variants

Install Emui5 Custom ROMs Tutorial. We talk many times about how to install those ROMs and fix all issues after flash, let’s do together. Install EMUI5 Custom ROMs What’s Now? TWRP Recovery. OpenGAPPS. Your favorite ROM. Installation Make sure to copy ROM and gapps into sdcard. Reboot into TWRP (volume up + power, without connected… Read More »

How to Install Magisk on GSI Custom ROMs

How to Install Magisk on GSI Tutorial. In this article I’ll show you how to gets root on treble . let’s gets party and rooted. How to Install Magisk on GSI To flash GSI ROMs, click here. To gets SuperSu, click here. TWRP recovery compatible with your phone. Google Play should be installed and logged… Read More »

How to Reset Huawei Devices Using Huru

Huru it is a small useful tool allow us to reset Huawei phones in just 5 minutes, let’s see how. Huru Reset Guide Firmware Finder, the website to download the whole firmware. Unlocked bootloader. Compatible TWRP HuruFlasher. Note I’m gonna to use Huawei P8 Lite 2017 as example to understand but it is applicable for… Read More »

Enable Android MTP Protocol Using Mac OS-X

Enable Android MTP Tutorial, in this article I’d like to show you how to transfer data using Mac OS-X. Enable Android MTP MTP doesn’t work under Mac OS-X by itself, so you have to configure it manually to get works properly. Download this DMG. Follow the steps on the website to install it. Enable MTP… Read More »

How to Make Bootable Ubuntu Using Mac

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make bootable ubuntu stick under Mac. So let’s sit and read this post. Make Bootable Ubuntu USB 8Gb or higher. Etcher. Installing Etcher Download latest version. Double click on it, drag the app into Applications folder. Preparing USB Stick Connect your usb. Open “Disk Utility“. Select your… Read More »