How to Make Bootable Ubuntu Using Mac

By | 15 July 2019

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make bootable ubuntu stick under Mac. So let’s sit and read this post.

Make Bootable Ubuntu

Installing Etcher

  • Download latest version.
  • Double click on it, drag the app into Applications folder.

Preparing USB Stick

  • Connect your usb.
  • Open “Disk Utility“.
  • Select your media drive, choose your disk then press on “control” then “Erase“.
  • Select MS-DOS (Fat) as default format.
  • Your media drive is ready to be used.
Make Bootable Ubuntu

Create USB Stick

  • Click on Launchpad, open “balenaEtcher” .
  • Now just put the ISO file, click on “Flash” to start copying files.
Make Bootable Ubuntu


Having a dual boot like this is pretty useful, look like compiling Android custom roms on the latest Mac OS-X it is bit harder that seems they remove some i386 packages according to github links.