Install Huawei USB COM Driver On Microsoft Windows

By | 12 December 2019

Install Huawei USB COM Driver tutorial, in this article I’ll show you how to run it on your PC.

Install Huawei USB COM Driver

This kind of driver’s designed for;

  • Connecting your device in test point, to flash software board for example.


  • Microsoft Windows with signature enforcement disabled.
Install Huawei USB COM
  • ADB/Fastboot Tools, click here.


  • Disable verification enforcement for first.
  • Download this archive.
  • Extract that archive with z7ip or similar.
  • Right click on Computer > Manage.
  • Go to Device Manager and you’ll notice a device that isn’t configured, so right click on it and select Update Drivers.
  • Choose the default path of extracted folder.
  • Click continue.
  • Your device should be ready to be use in test point mode.